Our annual conference this year is focused on wellbeing and developing oracy.

Our annual conference (28 – 29 November) provides the perfect way to build your support network of colleagues to learn from and with. Whether you are new to a senior leadership role or more experienced; this event is filled with input from keynote speakers and other schools to support you to develop your leadership. This year we have split the focus to support leaders with addressing both leadership and curriculum development. Our focus is on developing oracy and on well-being. In their new framework Ofsted have recognised the need to ensure colleagues wellbeing is looked after and your role as leaders is crucial to this. Our keynotes speakers Andrew Cowley (author of the The Wellbeing Toolkit: sustaining, supporting and enabling school staff) and Adrian Bethune (author of Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom) are focused on this. For further information and to book for one or two days or for the whole conference or visit the CPD online link 
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