Our new Aerospace resource packs complement funded visits to the Bristol Aerospace Museum for South Gloucestershire schools. Organise an inspirational visit to the Aerospace Museum and help children to investigate and answer their own science questions. They are designed to help teachers and leaders to develop their curriculum to explore and investigate the local context of aerospace engineering and flight. The Bristol Aerospace Museum offers an insight into the timeline of
innovation that has existed here in South Gloucestershire for well over 100 years, including a celebration of Concorde: a magnificent feat of engineering. Our resource packs are based on the principles of the Science Capital Teaching Approach, which contains the outcome of research by King’s College London and University College London, the aim of which is to increase children’s Science Capital, i.e. their science knowledge, attitudes and experiences. This approach focuses on learning and applying knowledge and skills in STEM subjects to inspire and support future learning and employment opportunities. We also put a clear focus on developing the scientific vocabulary that will support pupils with their future learning. There are activities to do with your class before and after your visit to the museum for KS1 and KS2. The scientific concepts explored include, sound, materials, forces and space. For more details
access our flyer.
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