***New Resource and Training***
'Pupils need to learn the features and conventions of different genres. Exposure to a rich range of genres and identification of key features will support this.' Improving Literacy at KS2, EEF

The ability to read and comprehend non-fiction is a life skill. News articles, adverts, brochures, leaflets, letters, manuals, guides and recipes, to name a few, are all examples of texts that we engage with on a day-today basis to answer questions; to keep ourselves informed about the world and to find the information we need.

This resource has been written to support schools in planning progression in their non-fiction teaching. It aims to provide guidance about the skills and features that may be taught in each year group to ensure that children’s writing in each text type becomes more sophisticated as they progress through primary school.

We’re running a twilight on 29 June to share the resource - all delegates will receive a copy of the progression as part of the session. For more details and booking see here: Progression in Non-Fiction Writing Twilight
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