Third Science Online Pupil Day 1 July 2022 SCI/22/147 – Change of date!
As schools are really busy with Jubilee events on 26 May we have moved the Pupil Science day to 1 July 2022.
Back by popular demand, we are delighted to announce our third pupil online science day is now live and your school space can be booked by searching the course code SCI/22/147 or clicking on the date on the calendar.
The theme is Science all around you and we will explore the science within the environment around us and in your school, as well as looking at climate change.

EYFS/KS1 will be exploring nest building - how to build a nest to float on water, withstand all types of weather
Y3/4 Making seismometers – what can you hear around school.
Y5/6 Investigating worm charming and Darwin’s worm experiments.

The morning will consist of four online sessions, led by Tom Holloway from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (one session for each of Y5/6, Y3/4, EYFS and Y1/2), during which the experiments will be introduced to the pupils.

The afternoon will give pupils opportunities to share their findings with each other.

There will also be a pack of other activities for pupils to do on the day or during the week
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